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Mystery Links


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I just noticed that links in posts are invisible unless you hover over them. Like this one. This is not good from a usability standpoint. It is effectively Mystery Meat Navigation. Please make links visually identifiable?


Aspiring Daemon

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Are you using something other than the default theme, or a custom stylesheet? Links appear in red text for me.


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I am using vanilla Chrome. Actually, now that I squint and increase my text size several times, and turn up my screen brightness to 85% of "blinding," I can see that they are indeed a shade of red. But, if that's the case, then they should be made a shade of red (or whatever color) that stands out from black, or otherwise distinct, such as bold or underlined.



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Have you tried with other browsers? I have various oddities with Chrome on CentOS-7, on these forums and elsewhere. (Though the link that you put in the first post was fine for me, but, for example, looking at the rysnc online man page the headings, such Name, Sypnosis, and Description aren't visible. On the CentOS forums, text in [tt] tags isn't visible. All of this is fine with other browers though.



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I agree with dave. The links are difficult to see if you're not paying attention. There are some well known studies by well known people that say the minimum acceptable color should be blue but, in reality, the color on this site just isn't one I would use. It's definitely not the fault of any browser.


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Please try the BlueFreeBSD style (click in the bottom left corner on the name). The default red style is so garish that amazing anyone can stand to use it.


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Different people have different way to perceiving the colors, what is clearly a red to me might be closer to a gray for some people. Also red is a poor choice as highlight because our eyes are less sensitive to red as opposed to let's say green.