Solved musicpd + cantata: skiping album artist tag.



I am using audio/musicpd + audio/cantata. Both from ports but I was the same problem while I was still using pkgs exclusively.

Cantata is supposed to first look for the "Album Artist" tag and if it does not find, it look for the "Artist" tag. However it is completely skipping the "Album Artist" and sorting everything by the "Artist" one.

I do not know if it is a audio/musicpd or a audio/cantata issue, but I have several classical albums and everything is a big mess in here. And, I have the "Album Artist" tag filled on everything.

Have anyone more also experiencing this issue?

Cheers! :beer:
Well, that was my retardation. I was set metadata_to_use variable on musicpd.conf wrong. I had look into it so many times I do not know how I did not see it before.
Hm. They seem to be related related multi-channel sound. I use bit-perfect stereo exclusively for music. However, I will keep the link to share with HT people.