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Malcolm McLaren, promoter of New York Dolls and Sex Pistols, Presents "Double Dutch" (1983). ~ The amazing rope skipping skills of some of New York's greatest "Double Dutch League" troupes, like the Ebonettes, are on display in this video, which is well worth a watch, even if you don't like music.

McLaren was later sued by the promoters and handlers of the Boyoyo Boys, a South African Mbaqanga group, for swiping their own hit song "Puleng." They got paid, but in an out-of-court settlement, so McLaren was able to retain rights to the "Double Dutch" song. Sadly there is no rope skipping in this video.

"Double Dutch" is sampled in the Dope Smugglaz song "Double Double Dutch," which is mildly entertaining to watch, in a weird way but no rope skipping here either.