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Aspiring Daemon

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I have this album. And the Wall of Voodoo album with this song on it, too. :)

The video by Wall of Voodoo is funny but as far as the song goes this cover version has it IMO.


Aspiring Daemon

Thanks: 415
Messages: 893

This was always my favorite. Robin Trower played with them when it originally came out.

I never saw Procol Harem but I saw Robin Trower doing his For Earth Below tour after he went his own way.


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Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

Nightwish - Deep Silent Complete

ithin Temptation - Memories




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Classic (from Guilleaume de Machaut - round 1400 to Kaija Saariaho, including 12-tone, serial music)
Jazz (beginning with Bebop, including FreeJazz).
Rock (in all forms)
Madchester, Shoegazing
Ambient music, IDM, Glitch
Post-Punk (but no Punk)
Industrial Music (the old one, not the new Industrial-Rock - but Nine Inch Nails).
Old-School EBM
...and a long list of Singer/Songwriters (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Roy Harper.....)
(don't like Country Music, Reggae, HipHop and most of the Dance-styles).


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Bellini - Samba do Brasil

Samba de janeiro

Shakira - This time for Africa