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Folks, the mark was hit. *sigh*

"Digital Ghouls" - thats just perfectly expressed. And there are more of such delights in these lyrics.

I would suppose it shouldn't be too difficult for an artist to properly express the situation. So either they usually don't perceive it, or they have various, probably commercial, reasons to avoid mentioning it. But here it fits into the trademark anyway - so probably the leap wasn't really big; nevertheless this should do to restore my appreciation of that combo. (When you click thru to YT, lyrics are below the clip.)



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+1 for Big Band/Swing. I didn't live through it but I love the music around the 1930s and 1940s. I also enjoy some classic Rock'n'Roll. Other tastes are all over the place: soundtrack, orchestral, metal. I really like some of the stuff Postmodern Jukebox has put out, rewriting modern music with ragtime/jazz/swing influence. Neat stuff!


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Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons [English Subtitle]


Words for this song were written by Nestor Mahno (Makhno), he was famous Ukrainian anarchist, who controlled pretty big territory 100 years ago during Russian Revolution, before Moscow "communist" party betrayed him and destroyed his army. One of their slogan was "Freedom or Death", which is pretty similar to famous UNIX slogan) BTW, real anarchy has nothing to do with emigrants, punks, races, gays... or "order"/"disorder". Anarchy is a political system without any kind of central government. It's pretty similar to real communism, which never happened in USSR, because we had dictate of Moscow party (Moscow is also called as "Third Rome"), while real communism - is power of communes, which should be 100% free and should include conscious local people, which are able to rule with their local territory, without any "help" from "Big Brother" snakes.
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