Mountpoint Mixup After Restoring from Backup

I backed up a failing system with zfs send to a dataset on my laptop that had /usr/home/replicator/pearch mountpoint. I booted into mfsBSD and wiped the disks and recreated the mirrors, created the pool (named it data) and imported it, using /mnt as the mountpoint. I then did a recursive send piped to ssh and executed the zfs receive command using -evu flags. As a result, the backed up data was stored on /mnt/usr/home/replicator/pearch, rather than /mnt/data. I have set the zpool data mountpoint to that long path. Tried setting the rootfs to the long path + /root, but get not a valid name. As a more savvy person might guess, I can't get it to boot.

Any suggestions?