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j0hnny said:
Yeah I'm on Moderated Status too because I am trying to have suggestions to port LXDM to FreeBSD but its pointless now.
What do you mean by "moderated status"? I don't see anything on your account. If it's about your posts being edited, don't take it personally. If some of your posts are held in moderation that's probably because you have less than 10 posts. That bit is automated and should get a bit more relaxed once you get past 10. The first 10 are more strictly enforced (automatically) to prevent as much spam as we can. It saves us from having to clean it up and you guys from getting annoyed about it ;)

Opening remark: try not to take any of this personally, even when a moderator sends you to this page. These rules exist to make the forums an enjoyable experience, and to help you make a good impression on other forum members. This will mean they will be more willing to help you. Invest some time in a good post, and fellow forum members will invest some time in helping you. It is that simple.