mod-q bind xmonad not functioning correctly


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Hello. When I attempt to customize xmonad using a custom xmonad.hs file in .xmonad located in my home directory and attempt to restart xmonad using mod-q it locks me into one virtual desktop and no keybinds are accessible. No xmessages or warning pop up indicating that the syntax in xmonad.hs was incorrect. The only way for me to reload a configuration is to run xmonad --recompile in an already existing terminal, or killing X and running it in the console. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
I am on the 7.1-RELEASE using xmonad v 0.8.1 obtained via portmaster


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did you recompile your xmonad.hs?
Normally ghc should fail to compile when there are syntax errors.
Alternatively you could try ghci (the haskell debugger) with your xomand.hs.

I'm happily running xmonad 0.8.1 on 7.1-stable (still with xserver-1.4 though since i had severe problems with 1.5 and no time atm to try 1.6)