minutes to type a response to a post?

What is the time limit that you have to respond to a post. The reason why I am asking is I tried to make it a little more explicit and understandable to the person
I think he meant the time limit between consecutive posts, some forums limit it to 30 seconds or a minute between them to prevent spam.
Maybe he means that the edit button disappears after a while, so you can't go back to editing your posts after some time? I don't know what the time limit is on that, looks like a few hours.
I was already logged in and responding to a post, but when I hit the quick reply button I could not post and was not logged in
Generally speaking, you should only get logged out when the cookie with your user id times out - and looking at mine, that's well into 2009.

It sounds like it might be a browser oddity - which one are you using?
maybe he hasn't used the "Remember me" option when logged in (not sure whether this could be related in this issue)?
I use the epiphany browser and I don't have the remember me selected.
I havent checked the cookies but the cookies are cleared when I log out.
It was strange when it happened but lots of things happen when I am enjoying my favorite beverage :)
I was using konqueror early today but not posting recieved a cookie that did the same thing as with the epiphany browser ccould be my computer
Thanks I will remember not to take to long how to answer a posted thread correctly, No offense taken,