UFS Minimum percentage of free space



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By default UFS2 reserves 8 % of volume space for its administrative tasks.

I got a few 3 terabyte drives, and UFS2 requires 240 gigabyte on each drive for what exactly?

I know, I can reduce this to 150 gigabyte per disk (5 %), but this seems to me still a very huge amount for some meta data.

I know, the root user can utilize the total space, and at least on the backup drives, I would like to utilize all free space leaving let's say only a gigabyte or so free on each backup volume. The intent is that the operating disks shall stay with the default of 8 % minimum free space.

Question, what could be the worst scenario for the backup drives, having a free space of only a gigabyte? May this result in data loss on the backup, or would this "only" make access to the data on that kind of backup volume somewhat slower?