Solved Megaraid question


I have a AOC-S3108L-H8IR raid card, I am trying to get to work in FreeBSD 11.0. from the man page here: it seems to say that this board is older? (even though it is expensive). I have also found this site:

can someone point me in the right direction to being able to configure/monitor/diagnose the raid array in linux? can I install megactl through ports? I found this site: but I think I still have some basic questions about knowing if it is setup correct and why all my bay lights are blinking blue/solid blue. (Solid blue under CentOS... blinking under FreeBSD). When I had openfiler on it, I don't think it blinked at all.

I know it was blinking when initializing, but it is done with that. I have not formatted it or configured it.

I am new to managing raid cards under BSD (or Linux). Ports show tools such as megacli, I need to see if that is the same thing.

I'm hoping to find some help.
Try mrsas(4) or mfi(4). The latter is the 'older' driver. Both will work with sysutils/megacli. However, mfiutil(8) only works with the mfi(4) driver.

I generally configure the cards through their BIOS. Then monitor it with sysutils/megacli. The tool is a bit arcane and the syntax is horrid but works as advertised. The mfiutil(8) is a bit easier to use but not quite as powerful as MegaCLI. But unfortunately it doesn't work with the newer mrsas(4).
Thanks SirDice, I'm still new enough to BSD. I need to research how to change the driver to mrsas!
See mrsas(4):
     Using /boot/device.hints (as mentioned below), the user can provide a
     preference for the mrsas driver to detect a MR-Fusion card instead of the
     mfi(4) driver.


     At boot time, the mfi(4) driver will get priority to detect MR-Fusion
     controllers by default.  Before changing this default driver selection
     policy, LSI advises users to understand how the driver selection policy
     works.  LSI's policy is to provide priority to the mfi(4) driver to
     detect MR-Fusion cards, but allow for the ability to choose the mrsas
     driver to detect MR-Fusion cards.