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making use of the DesktopBSD installer for FreeBSD

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All this talking is useless without code. If you want something done differently, go and do it.

And it's no point comparing FreeBSD to other systems. FreeBSD users choose FreeBSD for what it is, not for what it isn't, and as a FreeBSD user I am more than happy with the way things are. If I ever change my mind about that I'll do something about it or find something else.


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2005 ?

First we are talking about 2005 and we are at the dawn of 2010. The philosophy of BSD (UNIX) and was I repeat was to provide a free operating system, free and accessible for all people. Accessible for Who?
This philosophy of 2005 looks like one the top fishing man who goes fishing with (best) sword in giving sword in the water! One day he can catch a fish (user) but if he had a Fishing Rod (accessibility), he can catch a lot of fish (user) come out of the water ..... Just a question of evolution and rods of quality are now used by millions of peoples around the world he goes to fishing.
And now how poeple goes to fishing with the sword ?

Best Regard ;)


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Catching a lot of fish or dragging users out of a pond is simply not an objective of FreeBSD.

Anyway, it's all been said (repeatedly) by now, and repeating is not going to help your 'cause'.

Adapt, or code an alternative solution.

Thread closed (with the sword).


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Proposition for futur Version !

1.Graphic installation for news standard people or choice if possible and (mode console) for other conservative old user.

read this post discussion http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=6901

When we have not argument we close the post! It's not a cause it's évolution... anyway
2. Put a good bootlaoder maybe Grub right on the box or version standard freebsd and other with new possibility bootloader and simple installation...

This is my suggestion...
Best regard to team dev for your big work ;)


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Meh....I can send you a Vista install DVD, might be more to your liking, or maybe Linux.

I think the other thread was probably closed for a reason, and now you post this....bright move.


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bouloubsd said:
Graphic installation for news standard people or choice if possible and (mode console) for other conservative old user.
People have been working on a graphical (and no, this is so not an invitation to a pedantic discussion about exactly what GUI/TUI means...) installer. It may come.

In the meantime, I do support the idea of giving people a choice. I don't need a GUI installer myself, but I also lack the arrogance to say that others can't have one.

Sysinstall does have some shortcomings (most notably encryption support (e.g. GELI)), but overall it's been working for me for years.

bouloubsd said:
Put a good bootlaoder
As far as I know, the bootloader works just fine. I've seen people setting up graphical boot screens and everything. Perhaps the documentation on how to do that could be improved, but the boot loader itself seems to be quite alright.



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It too easy come out with this argument! Use Windows ... Iam user of linux and bsd... I test at least 20 systems per month .

I dont need too a graphic installer ! But some people need that. Why not give a choice. I dont want a bad guy here or awakening the susceptibilities of some person !

Some suggestion for standard user, he look to start with great FreeBSD world.

For a bootloader he run good but it is only other suggestion.

Good luck for a next version !

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