Solved Make files in subdirectories

Hey all..

My brain is fried from trying to understand Makefiles in FreeBSD ports, I've written some for my C programs before but never for anything like the way it's used in ports.

So.. I'm porting something and make is failing because:
no buildable Go source files in /usr/ports/devel/go-compress/work/src/
Which is correct, the go files I want to build are actually contained in 4 sub directories under work/src/ which are:

How can I get make to go through these subdirectories?

Cheers :beer:
How can I get make to go through these subdirectories?

While you wait for someone to come around with a more direct answer, you can read the Porter's Handbook.

I followed the Makefile Options section to enable support for an option that was not natively included in the port's Makefile. I think I remember reading about how to specify new sub-directories, but don't remember exactly which section of that guide I read it in.
Hi, yeah I've been following the porters handbook so far, I'm sure the information I need is in there somewhere I just can't seem to find it.

I've tried appending the directories to GO_PKGNAME and GH_PROJECT, as well as trying to use GH_SUBDIR.
This is what I was after, for anyone who stumbles on this via google:

${GO_PKGNAME}/gzip \
${GO_PKGNAME}/snappy \
${GO_PKGNAME}/zip \