Solved make buildkernel always build GENERIC

Use the "new" way, it's not really "new", it's been around for as long as I can remember. Add KERNCONF to installkernel or else it's going to install GENERIC. Also check the 'indent' line in your kernel configuration.

Alternatively, add this to /etc/make.conf:
Now you don't have to keep adding it to buildkernel/installkernel.
make buildkernel KERNCONF=HP240G4
The syntax of the command should be ok. Specifying that in /etc/make.conf is of course more convenient. Have you changed the ident line in the kernel configuration file from GENERIC to HP240G4? I am not fully sure if this makes the difference, but its purpose is to specify the name somehow.
I seem to remember adding quotes to a KERNCONF recently. I think it had a dash in it though.
cd /usr/src/
make buildkernel KERCONF="HP240G4"
The quotes shouldn't be needed. I only use quotes because I'm building more than one kernel in one go: make buildkernel KERNCONF="MOLLY MEALCUM VBOX GENERIC"
Or in make.conf:
If you have multiple kernels in KERNCONF they'll all get built in order and the first one on the list is used for installkernel.
Hmmm. What does uname -m say?


For some reason the command make is Ignoring all of the configuration file in /etc/make.conf.

I need to add KERNCONF to make installkernel KERNCONF=HP240G4

Doing this the kernell is build with my configuration in HP240G4

Thank you to all.