Linux compatibility layer - ulimit - pthread_setschedparam failed: Operation not permitted

Hello, I need to run some smalltalk VM, that uses thread for "heartbeat", and when I run this binary (VM), this error occurs:
pthread_setschedparam failed: Operation not permitted

Advice from VM developers are (this is advice for Linux!):

1) add file to dir /etc/security/limits.d/ with this contents:
*       hard    rtprio  2
*       soft    rtprio  2

2) Then use (in bash script):
ulimit -r 2
and run the VM

But how can I setup this things (1)+(2) on FreeBSD? There is no ulimit -r parameter, and no /etc/security dir.
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The error sounds like it tries to do something that's only possible for root.
Do you really need to change the system defaults ?
Do you know rtprio(1) ? Like rtprio 2 prog args

Knowing nothing about the issue,
Yes, some threads in smalltalk VM need higher (realtime) priority and it's not possible for normal user (only root). rtprio is right tool for changing priority, but it's also possible for root only (and not configurable, right?).
I want to run VM process as normal user (not root, due to security).
I can set sysctl security.bsd.unprivileged_idprio=1, for idprio tool, but I can't set something similar for rtptio.

It looks like in Linux, I can set this higher/realtime priorities only for one executable/binary, not possible in FreeBSD, right?
Not the ideal solution, but perhaps you could reduce the priority of all processes that are in the way of your VM using renice(8) as a normal user. There are lots of running processes, but not all of them are CPU intensive.

fossette - I can't use renice, because smalltalk VM process quit with permission error right after start.

Quick and dirty solution for my problem IMHO is: run the smalltalk VM process under root in isolated jail.
tobik - Unfortunately, it does not work (Operation not permitted, again). Maybe priority is not propagated...
Hmm, you'd still need to run rtprio as root: sudo rtprio 2 sudo -u user prog args

I just mean that you should be able to drop to a regular user account afterwards.
Ohhh nooo again please - so, as it is written above, I can solve my problem with running VM under root, so if VM want to create thread with realtime priority, everything is OK.

But, if I want to isolate this thing in jail (for security, VM is runnign under root) - there is a problem, even if I run VM via sudo, I got error:
pthread_setschedparam failed: Operation not permitted

So it looks like in a jail, I have no permissions for realtime prio threads even under root user (jail root user).
rtprio command is for processes, not jails :(

Any ideas please?