C libgtk2.0-dev and its dependencies


I don't know if someone has some opinion about the libgtk2.0-dev.
I am thinking that a small size version of GTK for nice desktops would be ideal for programming user interfaces.

If for instance we want to compile an user interface on MS Windows, it does not take so much on the system. Alternative solutions to GTK would be ideal for GNU.
Gtk+ is bloated and full of dependencies. Qt isn't much better.

wxWidgets is quite a bit lighter because although it can use Gtk+2 underneath it can also bind against Motif or even X11 (and the native GUI libraries on Mac and Windows).

I personally tend to resort to Motif directly for my internal tool projects rather than faffing around with fat toolkits like Gtk+. People call my software ancient looking but frankly UI trends come in cycles. One day Windows 10's flat square look will be dated and Motifs gradiented boarders will be in vogue again ;)

For my external facing projects, they generally have a HTML interface anyway instead of desktop toolkits. Wt is a good example of such.
gtk is actually extremely bloated, and it is the mostly used today. qt is not better

motif is depreciated, disappearing, for veterans.
motif is depreciated, disappearing, for veterans.

Heh, whilst I certainly cannot argue against that, I might point out that Motif is still very likely going to outlive Qt4, GTK+3 and Microsoft's weird metro UI.
For example it has already outlived GTK+ 1-2 and Qt1-3 and Borland's VCX stuff. These in their day were all touted to "replace Motif" but they never did.

The story basically is... everything will be deprecated in the near future. Use what ever makes your software work as quickly, robustly and for as long as possible ;)

Edit: Also look into maintenance. For example, I can personally build and maintain Motif if I needed to because it is extremely simple. However, I could not maintain Gtk+2. Its build system alone has tools I could not maintain and it drags in the entire gobject, glibc, pkg-config universe.
Perhaps this is also the reason why we can get CDE running on FreeBSD but not Gnome 1.