Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 9



Current status:
  • FreeBSD stable/13 2022-01-10 works pretty well
  • GPU is working more reliably after switching from graphics/drm-kmod to graphics/drm-devel-kmod (Thanks bsduck!)
  • WiFi is working using the new iwlwifi driver but we're still stuck at 802.11a (36 Mbps at best)
  • Suspend/resume is working
  • Bluetooth: Well, this is FreeBSD after all
  • LTE/WAN: Unfortunately the EM120R card I have needs some special unlocking technique - I did not investigate that yet.
With that this is pretty much everything I need to make this laptop become my daily driver. I will tweak a few more things and then write up some more formal "guide" also talking about some other aspects such as needed UEFI settings soon.