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Sorry because I've led to topic to editors. Come back to the original problem, like what I've suggested, I used a language called Fantom through an IDE called F4 and I think it's easy even for kids. You should try it and let me know it's me being crazy or it's really easy. Thanks.

p/s: Fantom itself is cross platform, I tried to run it on NetBSD and it run well except a bit of env vars export. Unfortunately, F4 only available for Windows and Linux, no version for BSDs existed :(



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vim looks like paradise if you ever tried an editor on mainframe that you had to SAVE each page or lose the changes if you did the mistake to move a page up/down....
VIM is bloated, overkilled sometimes, when thinking about memory usage.
What about ELVIS?

But compilation of VIM is awesome, portable, and made paradise.
Better,... LINKS, no need even of ncurses to be installed to make it run anywhere, univ., distant pc, ... hacked machine, ... ;)