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KVM switch and ugen messages on console


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Please excuse me if this has been covered somewhere else but I'm new to FreeBSD.

I've recently installed a firewall box based on FreeBSD 10 and 11. The box is connected to a KVM switch for sharing an USB mouse and keyboard. Whenever I switch back to the FreBSD box, I get several messages relating to the USB peripherals reconnecting. Is there an easy way to stop these messages on the console? Which syslog entry controls them?



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     The facility describes the part of the system generating the message, and
     is one of the following keywords: auth, authpriv, console, cron, daemon,
     ftp, kern, lpr, mail, mark, news, ntp, security, syslog, user, uucp, and
     local0 through local7.  These keywords (with the exception of mark) cor-
     respond to similar ``LOG_'' values specified to the openlog(3) and
     syslog(3) library routines.
My guess is "daemon." Either search for the daemon that monitors hardware or USB device changes and restrict its message logging to file instead of console, or try restricting the entire "demon" facility.



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I've been using a KVM with my FreeBSD desktop for years now. I haven't had your problem, but thought you'd be encouraged to know that the concept works.


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I've been using a KVM with my FreeBSD desktop for years now. I haven't had your problem
I guess it depends a bit on the brand/type of KVM used. The more expensive ones seem to keep the (USB) devices connected (but not active), cheaper ones appear to "unplug" and "plug" the devices when you switch over.