kFreeBSD anyone ?



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I've been using debian for some time without "oh shit i've upgraded and now everything is broken". Really, i'd switch to debian packages if i can keep FreeBSD kernel & userland.


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@oliverh: nice link!
@tobe: me too :) for me FreeBSD & Debian is almost equal... i nvr got any bad experience with Debian...

OOT: anyone have any link like this http://bulk.fefe.de/scalability/ ?



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oliverh said:
Sure there is nothing wrong with it, apart the fact if Gods own distro (aka Debian) is involved ;-) Because they spread such FUD for example: http://wiki.debian.org/WhyDebian (aka Linux Vs BSD) etc. Furthermore they are patching software (like OpenSSH) and later, if some bug occures, they make the original developers responsible for their "fork". "Code audits are in a more advanced stage for OpenBSD; though one must bear in mind that despite all the audits there have been high profile bugs in OpenSSH recently -- so take the audited label with a pinch of salt."

wow, I never read the "whydebian" page x( It let me feeling a little ..sad toward debian.

Poor them.