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I log on and there is the $ prompt, and there it stays
If SDDM doesn't show up although enabled, and given that Xorg is installed, you are probably missing a working video driver. Does startx work?


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The handbook states quite clearly to install KDE and sddm then populate rc.conf to enable hald, dbus and sddm - all very straight forward
I am using x11/sddm on several installations and am happy with it. As a backup (in case anything happens with upgrade) I have also installed x11/slim. SLIM is not so fancy, but does in general the same job - handles login to the WM.

SDDM allows selecting you WM from login menu. Just to be noted that several WM-s can be installed at the same time and some bundled applications in different WM-s can be supporting to each other. Here I have KDE, MATE and Xfce installed and can select the preferred WM from SDDM.

For SDDM I have in the rc.conf of this laptop:

# slim_enable="YES"

SDDM handles starting Xorg and WM.


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Did it work just by following The Handbook?
I have been using it for a long time now. Do not even remember reading the manual about that. Installed the graphics/drm-kmod and x11-servers/xorg-server first and x11/sddm after that. WM-s can be installed later and SDDM recognizes these automatically. Have done it several times on different machines. There are no tricks involved. You can run the SDDM independently witout any actual WM installed. When SDDM starts you already know that you Xorg and DRM are in good condition.


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I reloaded the os and updated 12.2. 3rd time!
I loaded everything as detailed in the handbook for ver12.2 from xorg to sddm. I was very careful to enter everything perfectly.
Once I had issues with SDDM when upgraded from lower version.

You can try also x11/slim - a simple login manager. Should work if your Xorg is in good order.


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The PC in question developed a hardware fault so this install is now in the bin!


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The PC in question developed a hardware fault so this install is now in the bin!
That's unfortunate :-(
I will open a series of other threads to address each problem and then document them all. …
If you do so, feel free to ping me.

In the meantime I'm in the IRC channel for KDE on FreeBSD (via in Matrix) discussing non-starts of Plasma following installations of x11/kde5.


Re: Plasma not starting, the updated Quick start documentation avoids the problem (a bug involving Oracle VirtualBox).
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I had trouble with SDDM's default Wayland selection not working, too. Thing is, as things stand now, starting SDDM process requires root. Starting a Plasma-Wayland session requires you to be logged in as regular user. I posted KDE & Wayland thread that that soon, SDDM will stop requiring root. There's still quite a few things to fight past before logging into a Plasma-Wayland session is as seamless as logging into an Xorg/X11 Plasma session, but progress is being made.