KDE menu display and clock widget delay

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I've had this problem for several years, but upon recent update it went away - only to return a day later. I'm therefore thinking that there may be hope for a permanent solution.

I don't know if these two problem are directly related.

Symptoms are:
- When I click on the desktop to get an application menu, there is a one second delay before the menu appears; and when I hoover over an item, there is a two second delay before a sub-menu appears. That timing is fairly consistent, although sometimes a sub-menu does not appear at all and plasma-desktop needs to be restarted.
- The clock widget (both analog and digital) displays seconds unevenly. It goes about 7 seconds, and then there is a slight delay and then it jumps ahead. One could describe it as jerky or uneven. It is as if there is some kind of system call that recurs every few seconds and which takes priority over the display.

I am running Qt: 4.8.7, KDE Development Platform: 4.14.30, and Plasma Desktop Shell: 4.11.22, on FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p8. Hardware is I5-2400 3.10GHz Sandy Bridge quad core, 16GB RAM, Radeon HD 6450 2GB 64-Bit DDR3.
Just for extra information, it's not a VM right? You're running on bare metal?