"jerky" music in 7.1-PRERELEASE


I'm having a problem with my workstation at work; when I listen music (with amarok, xmms or beep-media-player), if I press the "Shift-Lock" key, the music is interrupted with a sound like a buzzer, during a time equal like the time I press the "Shift-Lock" key.

I attach to this message various files; the output from "uname -a", "dmes" and "pciconf -l -cv".

Thank you!!
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(the dmesg output)

I don't know why dmesg.txt doesn't upload or recognized by the forum software, but here it is.

Thank you!


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This sounds like an interrupt problem to me.

Play some music and enter vmstat -i. Then issue vmstat -i again, while the noise occurs. Post the output of both here, that might hopefully show us something.
I will try this, but I cannot do it up to wednesday, because today and tomorrow I'm out of work because holidays.

This may be totally unrelated, but stuff like this was happening on my desktop machine until I compiled my kernel with SCHED_ULE rather than SCHED_4BSD. I am not totally sure if this is what helped it or not.
You might want to try disabling kbdmux and see if the problem goes away.

Ok... Compiled kernel without "device kbdmux". Reboot and... No more sound interrupts xDDD
By the way, all seems work without any problem.

Thank you very much!