java and amd64


i try to install java as described on the pages of freebsdgirl.
But when i do make on the linuxwrapper i get the error-message that this is for i386 and not for amd64 computers.

How can i solve this ?

You don't need linuxwrapper. Just:

$ cd /usr/ports/java/diablo-jdk16
$ sudo make install

And then follow the instructions on what files to download manually.

You can install flash with:

cd /usr/ports/www/linux-flashplugin9
sudo make install

However, it will only register as a plugin for the linux version of firefox and, even then, it crashes for me immediately after hitting a flash website. If you want to use flash, you are much better off using FreeBSD/i386.

I have flash9 working on native firefox 3 on 7-STABLE. Haven't had a chance to try on opera yet, though I know opera sees the plugin installed.
Use www/nspluginwrapper with www/linux-flashplugin9, and you need to mount linprocfs for linux-flashplugin9 to work.