issues with gnome 3

Hi, I upgraded my OS from FreeBSD 10.2 to 10.3. After it finished. There was no issue. Then recently today tried to install some security programs from ports. I read a tutorial that told me to run pkg upgrade. So, I did that and then I had to add something to the /boot/loader.conf It then asked after adding that to reboot. So, I rebooted my server. So, on reboot it boots the OS and takes me all the way where it shows in terminal login: which is where and when it starts to load Gnome 3. So, the screen then turns all black. However, you can spend hours sitting there and it won't do anything other than at a black screen.

I rebooted and booted into single user mode and changed that boot loader.conf I then undid my changes. I rebooted the server and ran like normal and still got the blank black screen. I then used another computer to send the command startx. After doing this on my server I see for at least 10 to 15 minutes it took to finally load Gnome 3 but it shows me logged in as root.

I have no clue why it doesn't boot into the login screen? Do you think the command pkg upgrade is what caused this issue? Did it upgrade all packages and installed the newer ones on the older ones already installed?

Need help and tips on what to do to get Gnome 3 to boot on it's own again and boot into the login screen? Everything else works. Even Gnome works but looks like it just won't boot into the login screen. I don't want to have to manually use another computer to ssh into my server and run the startx command in terminal to get it to boot into root. Everything now looks normal other than that Gnome 3 won't boot or load on it's own. I have to manually run startx to start Gnome 3. However, want it to boot on it's own and boot into the login screen. The startx command will start Gnome 3 with user root. Any ideas?
Boot to single user mode and stop Gnome from starting when the system boots. Then boot normally and use startx until you've fixed your Xorg. Once it's working again you can enable Gnome at boot again.