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Is this a bug?


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Yes, he is my friend. He reported this bug to delphij.

1. This is not a bug, ask qq.com to fix their domain name since
it's a clear violation of Internet STD 13 (RFC 1034). These
DNS administrators should be fired.
2. This has been worked around in all supported stable branches
and the workaround would be available in both 7.1 and 6.4


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gordon@ said:
The RFC is pretty clear actually. Underscores are reserved characters that are not supposed to be in a fqdn at all.
I know, but I see a lot of applications 'allowing' it, like Squid and Firefox. Probably because huge sites like Blogspot and others allow their users to put underscores in their blog names (like groove_rider) and such. It's a bit of a Microsoft tactic, I guess: allow massive infractions on an RFC, and the RFC will be circumvented. Not good, but a reality.