Is there any alternative for Inventor or AutoCAD?

The only other alternative I could find was cad/freecad but it's been removed from the ports tree 7 years ago because it was broken. Not sure what the state of the upstream is either, the developer's website appears to be "under construction" for quite some time.
Blender should be able to export to CAD and AutoCAD. Hmmm. You would need to ask someone in the Blender community if there is a Python plugin for such or if they could develop a python plugin to create an "AutoCAD" type of environment. It would need the exact measurements for such. There exists a Linux CAD type for pipes from the Norse.
The reference is difficult to find at the moment. The individual was working at a pipeline in the Scandinavian area around 2010. At the same time, I remember him liking to have fun with being an annoying hacker for reasons not always explained.
Not in the class of AutoCAD

Not to be rude but I use it Acad-R2012 almost daily and dabbled recently in the open source CAD pool. My opinion is there are no equal open source alternatives to AutoCAD. It is a program that has been in development since 1982. It is leading edge in manufacturing..
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Yes I need some 3D. I use now Inventor in VirtualBox but is little slow...
use opencascade. it exist in ports:
Port:   opencascade-6.9.1_1
Path:   /usr/ports/cad/opencascade
Info:   Open CASCADE Technology, 3D modeling & numerical simulation

and... try using for virtualization xen as alternative virtualbox..
I tried the cad/librecad port and it is usable. It should work for small projects.

Many commands similar to Autocad but nowhere near as smooth acting.

I imported in some dxf work and it did not fall over.

It is compact at 130MiB compared to cad/qcad which drags in bunches of QT at over 450MiB.