Is there a way to blank console using VT?

Hi gang,

I'm proud to say that my once Windows XP powered Toshiba laptop now runs a fully customized FreeBSD 11.0 and it does an amazing job as well. Wireless (if_bwn.ko for the win, as well as net/bwn-firmware-kmod; I'm using a PCMCIA dongle in case you get confused ;)), sound (snd_atiixp) and it obviously also helps that I got myself quickly familiar with wpa_supplicant(8). (sorry for mini-rant, but... on my home network I need WPA2/TKIP (WPA-PSK), on 'another' network authentication is based on MAC address... no issues, and I love stuff like that).

So while on 10.3 I discovered that syscons(4) ruined my console the very moment X started. vt(4) on the other hand.... So even before VT became the norm I had already switched. One issue... I like my regular 80x24 text console for regular work and VT provides: hw.vga.textmode.

But does anyone know how to blank my console?

I used to rely on blank_saver.ko but that one no longer works with VT, is there a replacement already?