Solved Is 64 GB enough free space to compile KDE 4? / and a Phonon fix

One of my computers uses ZFS in a mirror with it's internal hard drive and it's internal SD card reader. I'm assuming the 8GB SD card I have in there is not going to cut it. I am on the way to get a replacement and I'm wondering if 64 GB is going to be enough? There is a big price difference between 64 and 128 GB SD cards.
Why don't you build packages from ports on a system that does have enough space to spare? Build once, install many.
That's a good idea but thankfully I don't have to do this much. Also I think it would be interesting to see the differences between the compiled and packaged versions.

Anyway the compile only used about 5GB in the end. Though it may have grown larger before the distfiles were automatically deleted.
Also I think it would be interesting to see the differences between the compiled and packaged versions.
If you use the default options there are no differences. Remember, packages are always built from ports. Actually, a port builds a package and its this package that gets installed.
Interesting, but there must be some difference. The default options were automatically chosen for my compile and the compiled version ended up with a broken phonon backend audio system. For future reference I had to move out of /usr/local/lib/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend/ and compile phonon-xine to keep systemsettings>multimedia and knotify from crashing. It also prevented all KDE system sounds until I did this.

For comparison, the packaged version had none of these problems.

edit: There are also differences in the KDE power settings. The packaged version does not work well this time. It says the power management configuration module could not be loaded. The compiled version works fine.
Am I reading the OP right? You have a ZFS "mirror" consisting of a hard disk and an 8Gb SD card? If that's right, then it's a terrible idea...
You are reading it right. It does work and has for about a year now. I bought a larger SD card but it would be a waste of money so I'm returning it. The laptop in question is on it's last legs with a dead fan and on a 7 year old hard drive and I don't want to spend any more money on it. I'm sorry that this is offensive to you.