internet access with four gateways

I have four gateways, with four different internet access.
I'd like to configure freebsd FreeBSD to do this at the same time:

# wget <with the first ISP> file.tar
# wget <with the second ISP> file2.tar
# wget <with the third ISP> file3.tar
# wget <with the fourth ISP> file4.tar

Where can I read to configure freebsd FreeBSD to do that?

Many thanks.

Example routers IP:
Yes, it seems to work fine.


At the end of the man page, I read:
...many UNIX-like systems have an equivalent function.

I never saw this software in Linux system... in which other UNIX system is there an equivalent software?
No idea, I've never actually used multiple routing tables.
The man page does say that setfib is FreeBSD specific though; Most UNIX/Linux systems support multiple gateways or routing tables, but they all do it slightly differently.
This is the most powerful software I have ever seen.

I think it should be advertised.

I was looking for it and finally found it!