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Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260


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Well, the iwm(4) man page says so :D I'll try to find some laptop around here with the same chip, and try on it, and let you know if it works. but I think it's better if you try, and buy it if it works :)) oh, but I'd rather buy an atheros than an Intel :3


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Yes I honestly would rather risk the Atheros than the Intel to be honest. The problem w/ try before I buy is that it's an online retailer so I will have to order it and see if they offer a refund. I will order one of the Atheros; it'll be three business days until delivery.



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If your laptop is wired for 3x antennas then consider this AR9380 option. AR5BXB112 - This is full length mPCIe module with3x MIMO cheap on bay. Was used in Apple products most noted as Airport Extreme card. Quite worthy for around $15 bucks US

Half card version is much costlier at $35-40 with AR5BHB112 featuring 3x MIMO
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To be honest, I am not sure. The chip will be here in a few days and I'll test and see. But in all honesty, I'm going to put mac os back on here and sell this thing.

It's a real pain to deal with.



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I have been using a Dell XPS 13 with an Intel 7260 Wifi chipset without problems. Apart from needed to ALT+F4 during installation to do
kldload if_iwm

Everything seems to work as usual on FreeBSD 11.



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And to answer, another 7 months later, since it's one of the few hits with some information if googling the card on FreeBSD, in FreeBSD-11 the 7260 works with the iwm driver. I have a yoga2 pro, and upgraded the card to a 7260 dualband and it works, but though it connects to a 5GHz access point, it seems to only use 802.11a, getting the same speeds that I got with the non-dual band card. Linux seems to do a lot better, coming close to wired speed on downloads (but my Spectrum account is supposedly only 300 Mbs and both wired and 5GHz wireless go over that).
Doing transfer between machines, it gives me the same 2-5MB/s that I get with the 2.4 GHz, whereas in Linux, it's closer to 40-50 MB/s. This holds for both FreeBSD-11 and CURRENT.

Anyway, the card does work, though not as well as it does in Linux.