Installing using ports without internet connection

Hello guys!

I'm really not sure about this, but is there a way that a installing using ports be done without internet connection? Like can the sources be cached and later be installed?

Because, when I install using ports, I've noticed, that it is downloading the sources/packages, and after that installs it.

Is there like a download first or cache it and install it even without having internet connection?

What are the steps to achieve this?


jb_fvwm2 said:
cd /usr/ports/category/port
make checksum-recursive
(there are variants of that, several, including portmanager etc ways)

Thanks. Does this step downloads first the sources? If so then I can execute the
make install clean
at a later time?
Therefore, I need to be connected first to the internet using
make checksum-recursive
then for some reason, my internet connection fails, I can use
make install clean

Is my understanding right?

Thanks for bearing with me...
I usually do not use "clean" (because I never have, and
suspect it deletes the distinfo, ie source files ) 3 of 4 years on
dialup, (someone will correct me it it just deletes the
Yes, using portupgrade is safe for you, it will leave all downloaded files in distfiles. You can use it with the -F flag so it will only fetch sources that aren't already available and you'll be able to build them later.
jb_fvwm2 said:
okay, thanks. So it is probably just the
default action of "portupgrade"
portupgrade will not delete your distfiles.
portupgrade provides the portsclean utility for that.
Hello :)

It is possible to install software on FreeBSD (using ports) when I don’t have internet connection?

Example: I don’t have internet in my home, where I have my computer with FreeBSD. All source files I downloaded from computer of my friend. How can I install/compile (for example bash shell) from source files without internet connection? Where should put source files in bash-port directory? (When I type make-command shell displays error-"I can’t fetch it")

I don’t find any answer on this questions or tutorial in internet :(

Could you help me? (I will be very grateful for links to tutorials or instructions).

Ps very big sorry for my bad English!