Installing on Raspberry 4 with ZFS-Root on an external M2 SATA


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Hi there

I am new with ARM and Raspberry 4. But I don't like to die uneducated :) What I have got:

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 8 GB Memory
StromPi 3
an External M2 Sata drive because I don't trust USB Sticks...

What I would like to have got:

FreeBSD 13 running in the Raspberry Pi installed on an ZFS-Root on the external M2 Sata drive via USB3

what I currently don't know is:

How interacts the U-Boot Bootloader with the FreeBSD Loader?
Do I have inside the loader.conf to write something like
What I have to do that the U-Boot Bootloader takes the Partition with the ZFS-Pool to boot FreeBSD with Loader?
About the 8 GB Memory, do I have to change somthing?

thanks in Advance
cheers Darko


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AFAIK in u-boot you need to load /boot/loader.efi (copied to EFI/EXFAT partition) and that file will load kernel, read loader.conf and set appropriate variables needed to boot).
Or you can rename loader.efi to (on EFI partition) efi\boot\bootaa64.efi and it should be picked automatically by u-boot.
That is the way I use on my (non-raspberry) ARM64 SBC, YMMV.