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Installed FreeBSD - what next?



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Handsome Jack, I always build all my 3rd party programs with ports-mgmt/portmaster.

When I run # portsnap fetch update I watch for the programs I have installed to see if there are updates available. If so, it is as simple as running # portmaster portname for a program that is already installed, and it will list and update as needed any dependencies for the port in question in the process.

pkg is no doubt faster and good reasons to use it. But ports-mgmt/portmaster is easy enough to use IMO I thought someone who had never used the commandline could use it.

Though at that point it does seem they don't quite yet understand what they're doing, or why, it does the hard part for them and as long as there are no unforeseen issues there shouldn't be a problem during the build.

And why not start them out using ports? According to ShionKeys we are the smartest most intelligent people in the world. ;)

IYou should not think that a liar will run to communities in the world's smartest people to cheat.


If you still think I am trying to cheat the world's most intelligent people, I would like to say please do not be so funny

Flattery will get you nowhere, ShionKeys, but I may help you get a free website just because, so don't stop now. :) J/K



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I'm still struggling to get X configured optimally. When reading The Handbook on the X Window System, my eyes glaze over when I see references to KMS drm vt sc nd Video Cards. I don't even know what I have and not sure how to find out, and why should I if TrueOS can figure this all out.

I know I should run pciconf -lv to discover something about the video setup, but what then?