Solved Installation on UFS mirror OK but installer destroyed it?

Hi all,

after I had that horrible bug with booting from a zroot pool on FreeBSD 10.1 I installed 10.3 on two USB-sticks.
Here is what I did:

1. Booted the ISO and chose shell.
2. I set up the two USB-sticks as a mirror. kldload geom_mirror, gmirror label root /dev/da0 /dev/da1 and so on. Then exit
3. Partitioning with GPT and a root partition. Everything OK
4. Finally reboot

By chance I saw that the mirror got destroyed. After the reboot I was dropped at that mount shell of course.

Why is that?

Thanks for hints,

Still the same. After the final step (Reboot system) I see that the sync of the disks and then the gmirror destroy root. Why is that?

A message about shutting down the mirror is not the same as the mirror being overwritten. If that's not what you mean, please post the exact message.

Otherwise, the mirror will be set up when it boots.