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I have been considering a thread suggesting new tags for this forum.

Of course <sarcasm></sarcasm> needs to go in.

But the most useful would be <redshift> which does not have a closing tag, <redshift> can be nested, <redshift> and is what happens to most threads <redshift> certainly including this one.
Yes, it's possible on systems you own. But i bet a fiver that you will encounter it on other systems you work with. There is no escape!
it's a matter of fact that vi will stay the default editor of FreeBSD
Why? Things do change. If a default annoys more people than it pleases, it should be changed.

In this case, vi users would have no problem using ee if it opens by default, and could easily switch their default to vi. On the other side, people not used to vi are alienated by a default editor where even the most basic things like exit aren't trivial nor explained.
OP, just stick with Nano. To save, it's Ctrl-O (Write Out). A little un-intuitive, but at least easy to use. Ctrl-X is to get out of Nano, and back to command line.
Hi i was able to get in visudo and also we vieditor and create giuseppe ALL ALL but how in you save the page ? and get out ?
leonard said:
Note: the visudo command uses the vi editor to edit the sudoers file. Use the “i” key (without quotes) to switch to edit mode, edit the file, and push the ESC key once to exit the edit mode. To save your changes, type “:wq!” (without quotes) and press the [Enter] key.
This was explained in the link that you provided, so why ask here how to do it when it is clearly in the article ?
After 20+ years, I do not see it possible to change this default.

It will change.

I am not going to leave this. After some time I will do an FCP, and will solicit support from this forum to push it through.

vi(1) is clear, intuitive, ergonomic and well known.

With arguments like this, the opposition has already lost.
What are you both doing up at two in the morning?
Time zones on this round planet, people like us famously ignoring sleep patterns of our local municipality for the sake of messing with our computers until the settings are just right, etc. :p