C Ideas for coding/Getting back into coding

Hello, I wanted to know where you guys got your ideas from to make programs. I used to be heavy into coding C on Linux and the like but over the years my interest has waned and I very rarely find myself writing code. I do want to get back into it though but I don't know what to code. I would say that I probably have an intermediate level of C coding experience and I do enjoy coding. I don't know where to begin though as it has been years since I've made a full blown program. Some of the stuff I've written is on Packetstorm, some of it from way back in 2003. Any how, I want to get back into it and want some suggestions how to do so. Thanks.

PS. On a side note, I noticed the default gdb that comes with FreeBSD doesn't even have debugging symbols compiled in. I had to install gdb7111 to get it working. I don't know why that is.

If anyone is interested here is some of the stuff I coded over the years:
under 'Grell'

and under my old handle 'Phender'
Well, you're asking us to tell you what to be interested in. Only you can figure that out. If there is no interest, you won't do it. That's your motivation and will keep the fire burning.

In my case, I often need someone to be interested in me producing. I love to code but sometimes if no one cares I find I don't care either. Unless it's my own itch I'm trying to scratch.

There are 30,000 ports that can use your help though. I'd appreciate you working on Gimp at the moment.
If you don't mind getting lots of emails every day, I would say mailing lists are also good places to look for a project to participate, or even one to kick start.

Another good place to seek for something to contribute to is the bugzilla database. There are hundreds of open tickets waiting for volunteer's attention :)