Solved i3wm first use confusion

Hi all,
I just install x11-wm/i3 and ran through initial setup wizard, I chose Super Key
as $mod. I could split app window to horizontal screen by command $mod+v.
However, after restarting FreeBSD, I could not split app window to horizontal screen anymore.
When I execute the command $mod+v, it outputted word "v", then when I open new app window after that, it's still vertical windows.

I deleted .config/i3 under my home and reran the setup wizard. Same result as above. Do you have any clue for this?
Thank you very much.
Yes, I get that from time to time too. For some reason only half of the configuration file is saved, meaning you're missing a bunch of keyboard commands. Simple to resolve though. Just cp /usr/local/etc/i3/config ~/.i3/config, then edit ~/.i3/config and add this line somewhere at the top:
set $mod Mod4
Then replace all Mod1 to $mod. And lastly, remove the last line that says
exec i3-config-wizard