hwmon status in FreeBSD?

Hello. I have AMD Radeon HD 6950 card (a gift from a friend ;) as a replacement to NVidia Geforce GTX Ti 750 in order to be able to try OpenCL. I noticed, that radeon(4) video driver has support for temperature sensors, but the code uses Linux' hwmon and is wrapped in #ifdef FREEBSD_WIP ... #endif macros, so if I build the kernel with make KERNCONF=CONF_NAME buildkernel, this code is omitted.

I was able to re-enable temperature sensor with sysctl(8) (IMHO, it's the right and traditional way to configure kernel parameters in FreeBSD as opposed to Linux' /proc and /sys pseudofs).

I would like to send a patch, but I want to know if there is any plans to implement hwmon. This way I will know if I must remove code within #ifdef FREEBSD_WIP ... #endif macros or leave it as is and rather write something like this:
// hwmon code
#else /* FREEBSD_WIP */
// sysctl code
#endif /* FREEBSD_WIP */