HP MFP 135a printer & scanner

Dear friends,

I am planning to install FreeBSD on my desktop computer to use it as my main operating system. I have been a dedicated Linux user for years and I would like to try something new.
I happen to own an HP MFP 135a multifunction machine that combines a printer and a scanner. In Linux, the machine works perfectly through CUPS and Sane, because the manufacturer provides specific drivers through their website.
What I would like to ask is if anyone has managed to make this device function under FreeBSD (both as a printer and a scanner) and what sort of drivers need to be installed. Could anyone please briefly describe the steps I have to follow so that I can make this one work under FreeBSD ?

Thank you very much indeed,
Looking forward to hearing from you,
White_Cat (Greece)
besides I'm very careful about any jack-of-all-trades-devices,
cups and sane are also available under FreeBSD,
so I would to daresay it should work.
(Since by this vast amount of today's hardware variants you have to try it out yourself anyway.)