How to start learning FreeBSD OS Programming

I think you should improve your knowledge in C, then learn about UNIX systems in general (and BSD in particular) and then move on to FreeBSD development.
Book/Information about the kernel

Hello Community!

I want to learn, how the kernel of FreeBSD works. Can you advise any books or websites?
I can program with the languages C,C++ and a bit x86 Assembler (AT&T Syntax, I used the GNU assembler some months ago), so I think I can understand code examples and such things.

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I have got this one in my book shelf, but unfortunately haven't had a time to read it yet ;-(
Yeah, it's like that almost all the time. Have quite some books on my own shelf I never get time to look into..
The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System looks interesting, I think, I'll buy it.

The other books and websites are interesting, too. I'll have a look at them, when I've got enough time.