Solved How to set the BGP password with bird2 an sipsec?

According tot the documentation setting the BGP password in bird would set it automatically in the siprec database. But running the command `setkey -D` return nothing. Any idea what I miss in the configuration ?

protocol bgp ipmax_25091_ipv4_1 {
    description "Transit A";
    local XX.XX.XX.61 as <MYAS>;
    neighbor XX.XX.XX.60 as <UPSTREAM>;
   default bgp_med 0;
   default bgp_local_pref 50;
   password "secret";
   setkey on;
   ipv4 {
     import keep filtered;
     import filter ebgp_import;
     export filter ebgp_export;
     next hop self on ;

Also trying to setup mannulalally return this error :

setkey -c
add 4XX.XX.XX.61 XX.XX.XX.60 tcp 0x1000 -A tcp-md5 "secret";
The result of line 1: Invalid argument.

Any idea is welcome :)
Or a custom kernel containing
options         IPSEC_SUPPORT           # Allow kldload of ipsec and tcpmd5
options         TCP_SIGNATURE           # include support for RFC 2385