Solved How to remove debug components from system

Hello, I started with FreeBSD 11 via. compiling from sources (ALPHA version). Now, when RC2 and RC3 are out, i move to "freebsd-update" util, some output:

The following components of FreeBSD seem to be installed:
kernel/generic kernel/generic-dbg src/src world/base world/base-dbg
world/doc world/lib32 world/lib32-dbg

Question: How to remove kernel/generic-dbg, world/base-dbg, world/lib32-dbg components from the system?

You could try putting WITHOUT_DEBUG=yes in /etc/src.conf and then running make delete-old in /usr/src. You might also need a make delete-old-libs but I'm not sure.
Yes. That is exactly what I did to remove it. And I think there were other debug directories in /boot/kernel and /usr/lib maybe? I can't remember exactly now. But I deleted the directories, and then added that directive to src.conf just to make sure it wouldn't be reinstalled when I next upgraded, as I upgrade from source. Might be worth trying a locate debug or find -type d -name debug /