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I have been tinkering around on Virtualbox trying to install Compiz as a standalone for a few weeks now, and it seems as though everything that I try does not appear to work. I have even tried to install it and use it on Lxde, but I can't get Emerald to run like it should because I have now window borders. If there is any information that anyone needs then let me know and I will try my best to post it.

I am currently in the middle of making the leap from my Arch install to Freebsd because I love how FreeBSD operates. So I am trying to build my perfect desktop environment so that I can recreate it on my laptop.

Thank you in advance.
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VirtualBox has poor support for hardware accelerated 3D graphics using OpenGL in a guest operating system, which I believe is what Compiz and Emerald requires. I suggest grabbing a USB hard drive or perhaps a spare internal drive for your laptop and physically install FreeBSD on it.
Thanks for the reply. I'm actually about to make the leap over to freebsd soon. I'm actually pretty excited.
I followed the handbook instructions after a full install onto HDD. At first there were no window title bars and searching around revealed that the fix was to enable Window Decorations (odd perhaps that's not the default install choice). Played around a lot thereafter with the cube desktop switching (I had installed FreeBSD with a Xfce desktop choice) and the flame is neat, set fire to regions of the screen :) Fancy minimise and maximise ...etc all very nice .... for a while, but I've since reverted back to the more standard manager. I have a script in my home folder that I have set to be run at bootup within Xfce settings, so I can switch between the choices by uncommenting the relevant line(s).

#! /bin/sh

# Compiz and special effects
#compiz --replace --sm-disable --ignore-desktop-hints ccp &
#emerald --replace &

# Gnome like window manager
#metacity --replace

# Standard xfce window manager
#xfwm4 --replace
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