ZFS Hoping for help


So I had FreeNAS report it had unreadable sectors on /dev/ada1. I am currently running 9.10.1-U3 with ZFS raid. I shutdown the Micro Server removed the Disk, loaded it on a Windows 7 PC and used dispart to clean the disk.

First the volumes were not be removed, so as of now I have to volumes, one 2TB and the other showing 750GB free.

I slapped the disk back in and booted FreeNAS and it does see the disk after the clean. I am new to FreeBSD and FreeNAS from a technical point and I have no idea how to wipe and remount the disk to add it back to the mount point being "Storage"

The disks I now see are /dev/ada1 : /dev/ada2 and /dev/ada3, if I run diskinfo -v ad4 I get the following:
[root@freenas] /dev# diskinfo -v ad4
    512             # sectorsize
    3000592982016    # mediasize in bytes (2.7T)
    5860533168      # mediasize in sectors
    4096            # stripesize
    0               # stripeoffset
    5814021         # Cylinders according to firmware.
    16              # Heads according to firmware.
    63              # Sectors according to firmware.
    Z1F5HHVM        # Disk ident.
diskinfo -v for the other 3 respond with "No such file or directory"

I have no idea how to mount the disk, as I have a ZFS raid I am happy to smoke it and import it back. However via the FreeNAS gui, it doesn't even see the disk to import it.

Hope this is enough information.