Hibernating feature

I run FreeBSD on my notebook, and I don't use KDE as a window manager, only several K-apps, like KMail or KDevelop.
If I'd run KDE, it would give me the way to use Hibernate feature, but my old-good fvwm2 is much more convenient for me than shiny "whistle-n-bells" heavy KDE.

I think it would be great to have the Hibernate option available as a standalone command, independent of running state - X with KDE or Gnome or whatever else window-manager, or just 12 text-consoles each running its task.

Like "shutdown -H"

Sometimes it's really disappointing to close all the running applications and sessions in terminals, only to have a break for sleep and to continue next day, while to leave the book working allnight isn't good idea, it's just not designed for longtime run.

What do you think? Wouldn't it be the hard to implement?
kamikaze said:
You can use acpiconf -s4, but it only works if your system supports S4BIOS. You also have to use i386.

Hi, this thread is 2 years old. Is amd64 supported yet?
amd64 suspend/resume is now even better then i386. On-disk hibernation is still only supported if BIOS does it in own way. OS-level hibernation is still not supported.
… might work on some hardware, …

There's this:

… a work-around to suspend to disk for those who can not directly suspend to disk (aka hibernate) …

In the wiki:
Always test suspend and hibernate before using them.
  1. Don't bother testing S4 (if I'm not mistaken, it'll never work, although there's the workaround linked above)
  2. don't allow any unwanted state to be triggered by the power button.