here at least, "post number " in top bar nearly invisible

need the background bar color, or the black text, or both
changed to something else. The post number is the first
thing I check when reading a thread 2/3 of the time
here at least it is black on reddish-brown
I am not sure what are you talking about excatly, could you please provide more information?
I think he means the post count (this will be #3) on the orange/brown bar (with the post date at the left). I don't think the contrast is too low. It's just a tiny condensed font.
I do not think either that there is a problem with the contrast...
Maybe the boldface makes the post count a bit 'muddy'. The date/time to the left is more legible. Anyhoo, perhaps some future skins will fix that.
okay, with IMAGES ON (opera) is is visible (black on orange.)
Should've tested that before the original post.
It is only with IMAGES OFF that the post count, etc become
ah, I understand now. Well to fix this I will need to do some changes in our stylesheep; Unfrotunately I am unable to do so (through admin CP) as the web server is a bit restrictive there :)
Oh right, just tested that in FF3, the color goes down from a brightish orange to almost dark red. Weird.
yup, that's the way it's defined in the style sheet. Unless you allow images on the web, you will end up with pretty ugly desgin ;-)

I will try to work it out.