Help - Google Earth does not work

I really need to run this software on my laptop (FreeBSD 11.0, Intel i5 CPU, NVIDIA graphics).
I installed it from ports, but it cannot start, telling that libc version is not correct:

$ googleearth
Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 72: non-double matrix element
Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 72: non-double matrix element
Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 80: saw unknown, expected number
Fontconfig warning: "local.conf", line 1093: saw number, expected matrix
[0729/] Not implemented reached in bool net::HaveOnlyLoopbackAddresses()
Failed to load "/compat/linux/opt/google/earth/free/" because "/lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by ./"
libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
Google Earth has caught signal 11.

As I understand, libc version, installed with linux-c6 (direct dependency of astro/google-earth) is not compatible with, used by googleearth binary.

Any idea how to get it working?
I've just tried with Chromium 57.0.2987.133 - it does not work:

Aw snap! The new Google Earth isn't supported by your browser yet. Try this link in Chrome instead. If you don't have Chrome installed, download it here.

Hope that replacing linux-c6 by linux-c7 will not break other apps... I'll try it...
sorry for reopening this thread. I have managed to install google earth. However, as user (in group video, wheel, operator, kmem, network, dialer) I cannot run it. I can start it, it loads, I see the application for a few seconds but then crashes. But firing up a "xhost +" I can run it as root. linprocfs + tmpfs (/dev/shm) is mounted. Do I need any special rights, or sysctl stuff set? The crash just reports the following:

Major Version 7
Minor Version 1
Build Number 0007
Build Date Oct  6 2016
Build Time 21:22:21
OS Type 3
OS Major Version 2
OS Minor Version 6
OS Build Version 32
OS Patch Version 0
Crash Signal 11
Crash Time 1509537121
Up Time 7,00514

Stacktrace from glibc:

This is on a Lenovo X220 notebook - so no nvidia/amd graphics card, just the on-chip stuff. Any info is highly appreciated, thanks!