hello world

Gnome user too (with windomaker as an alternative wm).

The main reason is that almost all of my interested applications are based on gtk* and gnome.

Some months ago I had the kde-base port installed only for the K3B but I remove it lately since the Brasero does my job.
sane here with gtk apps.

only been out of windows/osx over 6months and actually disliked gnome first few months. but it grows on you.

just saw they released 2.24 - nothing major, but might make its way to ports soon.
My Home / Work laptop MacBook Pro
Home / work workstations Gnome
I started out with KDE many years ago but the last year switched over to Gnome.
It feels more Mac like.
I've tried KDE, Gnome, Xfce, and Fluxbox. I'm sticking with Gnome because it has the best overall features and balance between features and lightness, and stability - basically. Overall, I like it the best and have used it the most for Linux also. For FreeBSD it's the only one I've used so far. �e
Compred to KDE it's not fat and complex at all, but compared to Xfce - sure. :)
I figured the Feedback forum is a lot busier than it is, so I thought it was new. Don't know why I didn't check the date...
True, but don't forget about x11/gnome2-lite. It's much lighter than x11/gnome2
No, it is not.
gnome2-lite installs all the things that are required to run gnome. gnome2 installs the whole de.
with starting gnome any way you end up only with things that are required to run gnome.