Hardware support in FreeBSD is not so bad: over 90% of popular hardware is supported!



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Yes I saw these, I was wondering about the actual calculations. Using your formula I ran a quick pass on a spreadsheet just using the 12.1 hardware data and encryption controllers (since there are few) and found a different result than yours. I wasn't clear if you used only 12.1 or other versions, nor did I check if hardware support differed between them in any event.
I forgot to note that I've also counted nvidia, kms-drm and drm-lagacy for FreeBSD. And I've made calculations for 13-CURRENT, not for 12.1.

The formula is the following:

Status = (S1*T1 + S2*T2 + ... + Sn*Tn) / (T1 + T2 + ... + Tn)

Sn — support status of the device (1 — supported, 0 — not supported) from https://github.com/bsdhw/Drivers/blob/master/freebsd/freebsd-current.list

Tn — total number of device samples from https://github.com/linuxhw/DevicePopulation/blob/master/README.md